1 Introduction

The Trap Sensor is an ultra low power, long range motion detector that signals the SensorStation whenever movement is detected, such as the force from an animal trap, cage door closure, or mist net.

The sensitivity level, as well as other parameters, can be configured at time of manufacture. It also can be configured through the trap sensor web interface.

The Trap Sensor makes use of LoRa modulation on the 902-928MHz unlicensed band. Other frequencies and modulations, such as 434MHz FSK (compatible with LifeTag and PowerTag infrastructure) are available on request.

Under normal motion conditions, usage, and signal levels, the Trap Sensor battery will last about a year.

2 SensorStation Setup

If you are making use of anything other than 434MHz FSK, you will need to use a special receiver dongle. This dongle must be plugged into USB Port 4, otherwise the receiver will not be able to communicate with the installed software. If it has not been pre-installed, you will also need to install the Trap Sensor Receiver Software.