1 The New CTT User Interface (UI) Website

Welcome to the new CTT Web Portal. Currently this portal is dedicated to display of data from the new Evolution Series 420 (ES-420) GPS/GSM transmitters. As this portal is currently in beta, it is very likely that you will be seeing changes happening rapidly over the coming months. Eventually this portal will provide access to all of your transmitters, and allow a unified user interface for everything from our radio products through GPS/GSM and including Satellite (Iridium and Argos). Until then, non-ES-420 devices are still only accessible from https://accounts.celltracktech.com. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but we are confident that your user experience will be better than ever once we complete the migration to our new server architecture. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via . Happy tracking!

2 Logging in

Well, if you are reading this from the portal, you’ve already figured it out! Of course, if you haven’t yet logged in, you should have received your login credentials in the shipping email sent when your units left our building. This attachment also includes your device IDs. For accessing your ES-420 devices please use the following URL: https://beta.internetofwildlife.com/. Once logged in you will be taken directly to the Projects section. There are two other sections also accessible from the main page: My Devices and My CTT.

3 My Devices

The My Devices page lists all of your CTT transmitters, regardless of project. You can access the transmitter device panel from the button at the right end of each transmitter row. Use the page and scroll navigation buttons at the bottom right of the My Devices window. Note that if you have multiple projects, it will be easier to navigate through your transmitters using the Projects tab described below. For a full overview of the device panel see the Projects section below as well.