Every hero needs their trusty Sidekick

Disclaimer: This user guide is very much a DRAFT version and still being written. Please feel free to use it, but we do not recommend printing it out as it is under heavy development. Please send any feedback to , and thank you in advance for your input!

The CTT Sidekick is your new go-to tracking accessory for the full line of CTT radio tags, including both 434MHz and 2.4GHz frequencies. The Sidekick can detect and track all CTT LifeTags, PowerTags, HybridTags, and BlūMorpho tags and displays real time RSSI statistics, all through the companion phone app.

1 Package Contents

Your purchase of a CTT Sidekick comes with the following items:

1.1 Add-on options include:

  • 5-element 434MHz yagi antenna (with handle and connecting cable)
  • 2.4GHz yagi antenna (with handle and connecting cable)

2 Quick-Start Guide

The new CTT Sidekick has many bells and whistles, but one of the core features is finding a tag in the field, whether on an active animal, or one which has fallen off or stopped moving. This quick-start guide will help you jump right into using the CTT Sidekick for these purposes. If you want to simply jump right in, proceed to the section on Pairing with CTT Sidekick with your CTT Sidekick. Note that you must have installed the CTT Mobile App to proceed!

3 The Hardware

3.1 LED Indicators

To turn on your Sidekick, press and hold the Power Button. You will see LEDs 1 and 2 light up. There are three LED indicators:

  1. The Pairing Indicator blinks when searching for Bluetooth-enabled devices and stays solid when connected to a device.
  2. The Tag Detection Indicator blinks every time a tag is detected.
  3. The Battery Charge Indicator is solid green when connected to a charging cable and off when unplugged.

To turn off your Sidekick, press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds (the LEDs will turn off).